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400-MR DD2 Agilent

Includes premium shielded magnet, shims, two Channel DirectDrive2 console, PFG, VT, computer, and VNMRJ 4.2, Revision A software

Premium shielded magnets

The 400-MR’s Premium Shielded NMR magnet performs in a wide range of work environments. The small fringe field, robust interference attenuation, and anti-vibration support legs add up to a system that adapts to a variety of locations with minimal site preparation.

The long cryogen hold time minimizes maintenance and high field homogeneity ensures excellent data quality. Premium shielded performance magnet with refined Super screened configuration. Includes Cryo and RT shims (36 total), highest performance vibration management, helium and nitrogen level meters. A liquid Helium hold time of 270+ days.

Console Architecture

The 400-MR’s DD2 architecture and parallel RF design represent integral elements of every  Agilent NMR spectrometer, providing uncompromised performance. The DirectDigital receiver digitizes at 80 MHz,  delivering outstanding dynamic range, sensitivity, and rock solid baselines across myriad applications.

The DD2 console was redesigned for improved performance and ease-of-use, and now incorporates VT (variable temperature, from  -80oC to +130oC) support in the standard console.

Automated deuterium gradient Shimming 
VnmrJ 4.2 Revision A software 
Work station with Red Hat Linux 6.1, 
ProTune Accessory 
Probe: 1H-19F/15N-31P 5 mm PFG OneNMR Probe,  400 NB (54 mm)
The OneNMR.Probe

Simultaneously optimized for both high- and low-band frequencies, it delivers the performance advantages of both the classic carbon probe and the highly sensitive proton probe in a single design. But increased proton sensitivity is just one component of this modern technology. The OneNMR Probe also provides outstanding RF homogeneity, excellent salt and solvent tolerance, improved water suppression, and superior lock sensitivity as compared to traditional probe technology.

The OneNMR Probe delivers: (i) a complete suite of experiments with no probe changes, (ii) minimal sample requirements due to high sensitivity on all frequencies, (iii) superior 1D and 2D performance through outstanding RF homogeneity and lock sensitivity, (iv) high-quality NMR spectra due to outstanding line shapes

7510-AS Autosampler

The 7510-AS rotary autosampler provides maximum flexibility, operating in either batch or random-access mode for up to twelve samples in spinners.

Key features of VnmrJ 4.2 Revision A Software

(i) setup and Experimental Design, (ii)  system utilities including Auto-Lock, Auto-Shim, Auto-Tune, and Auto-Calibration, (iii)  an extensive and up-to-date pulse sequence library for the best protocols (iv)  one-click creation of new experiments, instantly available in Experiment Selector Running Experiments